Welcome to the pages by and about Christian Khin!

Long time ago I have first published my homepage. Almost seven years have passed since. In the early times the page grew fast but most of the time there was not much new content added to it and I only did some cosmetics.

Well, not because I did not want to. I just could not take the time for it. As all pages are handmade with HTML code (I rarely used Netscape Composer as an editor) and the site is made up in four languages it took up a lot of my time.

I then tried out some WYSIWYG editors in the last two years. However the results were not satisfying at all although the editors permitted a more modern web design than possible with my modest knowledge of HTML. The circle is full now.

I continue my work now where I've interrupted it two years ago. There is only one limit to it: All new contents will only be available in German language for the first time. I will make translations from time to time. However if you require a translation for any special subject, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Enjoy browsing through khin.de!


Created on: 19/07/2000
Last update: 04/01/2007